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See your Health, Education and Social Services Files

Consent to Medical Treatment

Get Sex Education at School

We have also produced a legal guide At What Age Can I..? which you can buy from this link.

See your Health, Education and Social Services Files

You can ask to see your health, education and social services records at any age, but you might not be allowed to see them if showing them to you would cause serious harm to your physical or mental health, or the health of someone else.

If you are not allowed to see your records you can apply to the head of Children’s Services at your local authority, or the Chief Executive of the Council for its release. If you are still not allowed to see your records, you can apply to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Consent to Medical Treatment

Consent means to agree to something. You can consent (agree to) medical treatment at any age if the doctor or nurse thinks that you understand what the treatment involves.

If you are 18 or older you can refuse treatment, even if your parents or guardian want you to receive treatment. If you are younger than 18 your decision to refuse treatment can be overridden by your parents, your guardian or by the decision by the court.

Get Sex Education at School

Only your parent or guardian can withdraw you from sex education at school.

Information if you are adopted

If you are under 18 you have no legal right to know the identity of your birth parents. Once you are 18 you can apply to see your birth records and have your details placed on he Adoption Contact Register.

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